My "DJI Story"

On my 5th Expedition to the Chernobyl Zone of Exclusion Zone in June 2015, a fantastic team from DJI, lead by producer Paul Moore, came along to document my work on "Half-Lives: Love and Energy in the Nuclear Age." The DJI team spent 4 days in the Zone with me learning about the catastrophe and seeing the results first hand.

This is my "DJI Story - The Lost City of Chernobyl."

We have produced a special trailer for "Half-Lives: Love and Energy in the Nuclear Age" to go along with my DJI Story.

The highlight of this trip (and of my life) was my wedding to my wonderful wife, Elizabeth Hanson, in a small church in the village of Krasne. This village is located 5 km from the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Complex and has one of only two churches still standing in the Zone of Exclusion"