We got married today. Sorry you couldn't make it.

May 28, 2015 will go down in our personal history as a pretty big day. Perhaps the biggest of days. We got married in the zone at the church in Krasne. The ultimate destination wedding. It was a very private ceremony, as you can imagine. Just us, and well... Arek (our friend from Poland and Philip's photography partner) Paul, Alex, and Keith (the DJI crew working on the story about Philip and Chernobyl), and Sergei (our military minder).  

The church was built in 1800 and is still beautiful, although, recently a cupola window shutter crumbled off, so it's just a matter of time before Mother Nature reclaims this spot as she has done for most of the zone. We feel very lucky to have found this church and archived its beauty for such a special occasion.

When Philip asked me if I'd like to return to Chernobyl with him for his 5th expedition, I said, "Sure. We should get married there." Philip asked Arek to help us organize the very small event, which basically meant making sure we had the proper permits. We didn't learn from him until the day before we left the U.S. that Philip would need a suit and I would need a white dress past my knees to have a ceremony inside the church. (Yikes! Like we didn't have enough to pack already!) Nothing is easy to accomplish in the zone and, so we learned, including a wedding.

We read our own vows, exchanged rings, and signed in a book what we wished for, so the local priest will pray for us and for our wishes - health, love, and happiness for the rest of our lives. We hope you will do the same!