And I'm Off.....

And so this is the first post to my "Exploring the Zone" blog. Bags are packed (257 lbs of gear) and I am about to turn in for the night. My flight leaves tomorrow at 3 pm EDT from Atlanta. Total flight time to Kiev is about 12 hours.

I will attempt to post as much as possible while in the zone; although, there are very few cell towers in the Chernobyl Nuclear Zone (only those built in association with the construction of the new sarcophagus), so this could be a challenge, but typical for basically everything associated with the zone!

I took some time today to create a short behind-the-scenes video about some of the invaluable production gear I am taking with me on my 5th expedition to the zone. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I hope you enjoy my perspective on this amazing place.

Behind the Scenes Video describing some of the production gear I take with me

257 lbs of gear heading to Chernobyl

257 lbs of gear heading to Chernobyl